MANISHRI, a pioneer in the supply of all range of refractories to Aliminium Industry since two decades has some of the big names in Aluminium manufacturing like NALCO, INDAL, BALCO, MALCO etc. in its list of satisfied customers . Our product almost covers up the entire range of refractory application in the Aluminium Industry.

MANISHRI has captive mines for TALBASTA CLAY, which is the best deposit for 42% Chamotte Clay, in the Country. This Clay has a very low iron content and when fired at 1450-15000C, produces a very high quality dense sintered grit, with very low porosity. It is also located very near the Indian RareEarths Complex which produces high quality of Sillimanite sand. Based on the above two raw materials and Andalusite, we have formulated the high purity mullitised grog used in making of bricks and castable suitable for Aluminium industry application. Our main area of concentration in Aluminium Plant is "Refractories for Anode Baking Furnace". A technical study on the same follows :-


MANISHRI supplies refractory for construction of Anode Backing Furnace, which are large refractory constructions (200 m long, 10-12 m large, 5-6 m height) for the purpose of :

- Handling high temperature flue gases.
- Providing heat connection/transport from the flue gas to the carbon anodes.
- Maintaining heat balance through out the furnace's lifetime.
- Protection of the concrete foundation and platform.

The complex nature of stresses in Anode Baking Furnace requires very high quality refractories MANISHRI'S Fluewall and Headwall refractories have all the necessary qualities to meet the requirement, which is as follows :-

- High mechanical strength at the working temperature (up to 15000C)
- High thermal shock resistance due to the heating/cooling cycles.
- High refractoriness under load and creep resistance in relation with very high walls.
- Low thermal expansion.
- High corrosion resistance against chemical attacks (CO,S,Alkalies)
- High thermal conductivity to favour heat transfer.

MANISHRI also manufactures very good quality BRO Bricks for pot lining application. These bricks have very high resistance to molten alumina and slag. BRO Bricks are manufactured from our own fire clay dense grits. These bricks improve the life of the pots considerably.

We also have the expertise in manufacturing the large Pre-cast & Pre-fired Blocks made out of Low Cement Castable. These blocks are used for Top Caping of the Bakeoven Furnace. They have high mechanical strength and resistance to thermal shock.

Castables used in both Aluminium Refinery and Smelters are our specialities. We manufacture the whole range starting from refractory concrete to super duty No Cement Castable. Various refinery process of alumina requires high quality castable application and we have very special formulation to meet their exact demands.

We also make very good quality Insulation Bricks (Both Hot faced and Cold faced) and insulating castables for application in Aluminium Industries.

We have an in-house R&D Centre and various technical tie up to constantly formulate and develope updated product to meet the need of our customer. Our in-house mechanical work shop, has all the facilities to manufacture intricate DIES and Moulds required for manufacturing special TOUNGE-GROOVE shaped bricks as per ALUMINIUM PECHINEY DESIGN.

Consistent quality, delivery and performance, has bagged MANISHRI with a prestigious order for supply of 4500 MT Flue Wall, head Wall, Wedge & Tie Bricks ( As per Aluminium Pechiney Specification) for Anode Baking Furnace of NALCO Smelter Expansion Project against International competition from U.K., Netherlands and France.

Our long standing excellence in developing and supplying refractories for various Aluminium Plant Projects has finally placed us one of the approved suppliers with M/S Engineers India Ltd., the Premier Consultant of Aluminium Plants. For the execution of the above order, we have got the approval of Aluminium Pechiney, the International renowned consultant for Aluminium Industry.