Industrial Applications

Iron & Steel

This Segment is the major consumer of refractory, accounting for 70% of total consumption. MANISHRI since inception has grown with steel plants by supplying quality materials for steel and iron making applications. Over the period, MANISHRI in tandem with its customer has developed various products for application in the following areas.

  • Cokeovens
  • Blast Furnace
  • Torpedo Ladle
  • Electric Arc Furnace
  • Reheating Furnace
  • Sinter Plant Furnace
  • Steel Teeming Ladle
  • Open Top Hot Metal Ladle
  • Tundish


Intricate moulding , controlled firing and skilled manpower has established MANISHRI'S name as a reputed cokeoven refractory manufacturer. 20 years of solid experience in building cokeoven battery of various size has added numerous feathers to its cap. Bricks for all major area of cokeoven are being manufactured by us i.e. BUS FLUE, REGENERATOR , CDCP , OVEN ROOFING , DOOR BRICKS etc.


A wide range of refractories are being manufactured by MANISHRI for MINI as well as LARGEBLAST FURNACES , in various areas like STACK, BOSH, HEARTH, STOVE,BOTTOM and CAST HOUSE , since 2 decades.

MANISHRI'S BF refractories are designed specially to meet the rapid change in blast furnace technology by providing high resistance to corrosion , CO gas , thermal shocks and also by providing high mechanical strength , high heat transfer and longer campaign life .

Stoves for BF require intricate design of CHECKER bricks for energy saving and operational advantage. MANISHRI has ample experience in supply of checkers as per MCKEEY, HOOGOVEN and other intricate design.

MANISHRI produces very high quality SIC based CASTABLE for BF casthouse area.


The increasingly severe conditions imposed in high capacity (200 to 500 MT) Torpedo Ladles today are a function of the weight of metal , temperature , transportation time and distance , thermal cycling rate , amount and composition of slag and any metal treatment carried out in the ladle.

Iron makers today have large volume of high silica, low basic slag and iron temperature up to 15500C in there TORPEDO LADLE OPERATIONS. Since the lining is heavily loaded for long periods at high temperature , its resistance to creep deformation is once again critical. All these require high quality of designing and manufacturing which MANISHRI does by providing ZONAL brick lining pattern for application in the Torpedo.

MANISHRI'S Torpedo lining has the following characteristics: ----joints are closed, ----low thermal conductivity, ----reduced thickness and consequently increased capacity of Torpedo car, ----longer campaign life.

MANISHRI has a large choice of refractory bricks and castable , technically and economically suitable for wear as well as safety lining.


MANISHRI provides quality refractory for roof of the EAF, both for the periphery as well as the DELTA region ,with high alumina bricks and precast shapes. MANISHRI'S magnesia carbon bricks and ramming mass are best suited for HEARTH region .


MANISHRI has experience in manufacturing refractories for both batch type and continuous type of reheating furnace. Bricks are used in BULL NOSE, ROOF, WALL, BURNER BLOCK etc. Different types of castables and PRECAST shapes are also manufactured for reheating furnace application.


The advent of continuous casting has placed severe demands on refractories f or ladles, on account of :

Temperature of steel has increased. Longer dwell time In ladle processes, operations like vacuum degassing, gas purging and desulphurisation were developed. For meeting this severe demand MANISHRI has designed ZONAL LINING PATTERN of MGO-C bricks in the slag zone and AL-MGO-C spinnel bricks for side wall and bottom with high spalling resistance and slag resistance in mind.


MANISHRI'S high quality high grog bricks with low porosity and with high spalling resistance are ideally suited for use in open top ladles .

Recent development of SiC quality bricks by MANISHRI has given excellent results in bottom region of open top hot metal ladle.


MANISHRI'S mullite based zero cement CASTABLE is highly recommended for permanent lining of tundish in the con-cast process. Precast shapes made there of are used as striker pad and other flow control devices like Baffle, Dams, Weir etc with excellent result.

MANISHRI also provides basic spring mass suitable for tudish coating/spring/trowlling.