Quality Culture

The company’s management has defined and documented its policy for quality including objectives for quality and its commitment to quality. Quality Policy is notified at all levels of employees. The Management ensures that the Quality Policy is understood, implemented and maintained by all employees in the organisation.

Quality Policy

MANISHRI strives to provide value for money to its customers by achieving highest possible quality standard products and services through rigid process control, dedicated team work, safety reliability, social responsibility and environment at large, "ON TIME EVERY TIME"

Quality Objectives

Quality Policy is relevant to the company’s organisational goals and expectation and needs of its customers. Quality Policy is supported by the following objectives :

  1. To achieve optimum production and turnover in a qualitative manner.
  2. To produce quality product and service at competitive rate.
  3. To build, establish and maintain image, brand and reputation of MANISHRI as a quality manufacture.
  4. To induce quality consciousness at all stages of our process through upgrading technology, resources and man power.
  5. To foster team spirit, openness and healthy and safe work culture.


We are committed to our quality policy and its objectives in totality through ceaseless and sincere co-operative efforts.